The Under the Sink Fountain of Health Negative Ion Water Purification System

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All our Machines are certified Medical devices


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Our Machine have more Certifications than any other Company!
All our Machines are certified Medical devices

The Under the sink  Fountain of Health negative Ion water Purification System. Is a sleek, beautiful, and powerful machine produces antioxidant-rich hydrogen alkaline drinking water. that contains electrolytes and essential minerals that hydrate on a cellular level. Acidic water for maximum hydration for beauty and skin care. The machine produces strong acidic water that is used for sanitation . It is a certified medical device in its country of origin. The fountain of Health is a Under the counter system, which means the machine is under the counter and all you see is the stylish faucet with a touch screen interface. It takes up no space on your counter. Filter Life 1,000 Gallons


LabwaterRx Fountain of Health negative ion hydrogen water purification system produce medical-grade-levels of molecular hydrogen. The LabwaterRx Fountain of Health negative ion Hydrogen water machine 9P is one of the few water machines that can get over 1.5 ppm of H2 (outstanding levels of molecular hydrogen antioxidants). In other words, this water machine is going to give you outstanding hydrogen and alkaline water. The 9 Plated Fountain of Health negative ion hydrogen water machine is also well-built and is a certified medical device in its country of origin. This Negative Ion Alkaline Hydrogen Water Machine from the Fountain of Health looks nice and priced right at $3,199.00, way below the competition’s price for an equal quality machine. 

This machine is compatible with the U.S.A. 110V and can be ordered with international voltages of 220V/ 240V! 

We offer a  60-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason. 

Manufacturer’s warranty is one year. We Offer a 5 year Parts and and labor warranty 

HIGHEST H2 LEVELS TESTED IN Fountain of Health Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine:  I’m not aware of any other water ionizer that can match the hydrogen levels of the Fountain of Health Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine. These are exceptional molecular hydrogen antioxidant levels. Inside a unique DARC (double-automatic-reverse-cleaning) water cell, the The Fountain of Health negative ion Hydrogen water machine features nine plates. 

One of the reasons the Fountain of Health Hydrogen Negative Ion water machine produces the highest quantities of molecular hydrogen of any water ionizer of any size or price is because of the DARC water cell.

In the country where they were made, the 9 Plated Negative Ion Water Machines are approved for use as medical equipment. The Fountain of Health negative ion alkaline hydrogen water machines from LabwaterRx are certified medical tools that are used in hospitals in Korea and Japan. The water cell and plates are made in Japan, and the rest of the machine is expertly manufactured in South Korea. 

The details and specifications of the 9 Plated Fountain of Health negative ion hydrogen water machines have impressive levels of -ORP (oxidation reduction potential) at drinking levels. 

And now, with further testing and easy installation, It can be mounted on a wall or just stand on a counter-top. It is usually hooked up to your sink with a diverter, which is provided and has simple one-touch button controls. 

The Fountain of Health Negative Ion water machine remembers what alkaline level you were last using, and will automatically put your ionizer on that setting next time, unless you change it. 

Continuous-Cleaning (DARC): The Fountain of Health Negative Ion water machines keep cleaning while also providing alkaline water. Continuous cleaning keeps the ionizing chamber working at its best by removing any particles that might be trying to stick to the plates inside. (See more in the DARC section, below.) 

A voice indicator alerts you to your selection of alkaline, acidic, or purified water. You can adjust the volume level or simply switch the sound ON/OFF as you desire. 

Easy Operation – The computer has arrived:  The mini onboard computer facilitates optimum performance. Four different alkaline settings allow you to choose the level that’s best for your body. You can set these levels to boost ionization if you have soft water or other water that is hard to ionize. 4 different acidic levels 1 setting for pure water An easy-to-use interface display easily identifies your selections. The One-Touch Start Auto Cleanse System has also been simplified. This is a quiet cleaning of the water cell and flushing of the system after each time you use the water machine, which only takes a few seconds.


  • The Fountain of Health electrode plates are made of tough titanium and coated with pure, medical-grade platinum. 10X Platinum Plated Electrodes: 9 large, solid, platinum-titanium coated electrode plates, configured in such a way as to give maximum -ORP and alkalinity. The 9P Fountain of Youth has the most advanced platinum coated titanium electrodes in the world. When a cross section of the Fountain of Health 10X electrode is examined at 1000 times magnification, you can see that the electrodes have 100% complete platinum coverage and are electroplated with multiple times the surface area for electrolysis than the dipped method of plating with platinum. 
  • The Anti oxidizer Hydrogen 9P uses advanced SMPS to ensure you have the most efficient electrical source. Fine quality filter materials trap contaminants while allowing beneficial minerals to pass through the filters that last for approximately 4,000 gallons of water poured through the machine. 
  • Filter Life Indicator: The symbolic filter indicator icon tells you about the remaining water filter life. Optimum Performance is ensured by always changing your filter on time. In addition to the symbolic indicator, a new indicator light will flicker when your current filter life is up, reminding you to change your filter. A spring-loaded filter housing makes filter replacement easy. The PH range of the Fountain of Health Hydrogen 9P is 3.0 to 11.0, depending on source water. Compact Size: Smaller than most and optimal for saving space Overall Dimension Width 9..6 x 5.11 Depth 6 x Height 13 inches The unit weighs about 11.5 lbs. [5.5 kg]. For a water cell to work right, it needs enough water to flow through it while it is ionizing. The power will automatically shut-off if the water stops flowing.
  • Hot water should not be used as the source water for ionization. The system can withstand a certain amount of hot water going through it, but if it’s too much, the water cell can warp and this would cause a leak. For this reason, there is a hot water alert icon that appears to warn you if you accidentally use hot water. If you make a mistake and use hot water, simply switch to cold as soon as you notice and it should be fine. Every Fountain of Health Every Fountain of Health hydrogen 9 plated water machine is tested at the factory for quality control purposes. Then plugs are placed on the water input and output ports in order to retain moisture inside the water cell. This is necessary in order to ensure the seals are kept moist and functional. These plugs must be carefully removed as part of the installation process. When you remove the red, acidic-water plug, it is expected that a little bit of water will come out, which is normal.


Other specifications: Voltage U.S.A. AC Input electricity (power) 120V International consumption 220V/240V 0.5A (90W) Inflow Water pressure ranges from 0.7 to 5 Kgf/cm2. “Water temperature” means that the water is between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius (40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit). 

With an easy-replaceable filter (one-touch replacement reset button). One Touch-Automatic Filter Life Electrolysis Strength 1-2-3-4 level rate of water output with a maximum flow rate of 3 quarts per minute. 

Supply: direct connection to a tap or to the mains [tee not included]. A free pH kit comes with every Fountain of Health Negative Ion Alkaline hydrogen water machine. It runs on autopilot to ensure your water maintains optimum alkaline levels. A self-diagnostic system ensures peak performance. The hi-tech design blends into any décor. CE, NRTL, ISO9001, ISO14001, KFDA, KGMP, and RoHS certificates. 

How to Change and Reset the Filter; The filter is easy to pop in and out. Simply push directly down on the filter to clear the way at the top of the filter to remove it. Pull forward at the top and then remove it the rest of the way. Do the reverse to insert the filter. The filter counter needs to be reset after replacing the filter. Push and hold the FILTER button to get into the Filter-Life programming mode. Then push/hold the alkaline button until you see the filter is re-set.

Medical Grade Platinum Titanium Plates. DARC System-Automatic change of flow path (6 Overseas Patents) During hot water inflow, the alarm message and ionization are disabled.


Exact calculation of filter durability with flux control.

  • extended range of pH selection and control.
  • Modern Design.
  • Product Features
  • Product Specifications
  • Power SupplyTransformer for SMPSPower ConsumptionMax 150W or 250W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 65 x 380 x 175 mm
  • Electrode plate (Platinized Titanium)
  • Strong Alkaline (1 Level), Alkaline (4 Level), Purified Water, Acidic Water (4 Level)
  • Cleaning Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning System (DARC)
  • pHpH value 3.0 (0.5) 11. (0.5) Actual pH values ​​may vary depending on the local source water environment.
  • Display Method: LED Module
  • The filter count includes: UF Membrane Filter (Optional), 
  • Media-Activated Carbon Filter 1,000 gallons of filter life 
  • IndicatorLED 
  • SolenoID Indicator ON/OFF Valve.

The Fountain of Health Negative Ion Water Machine 9P can be programmed for volume of sound, power at the base, date, and time:

Volume (up, down, or off) Power: The internal base-programming has five settings. The machine comes with a default setting of “2”. If you want stronger or weaker results, you can boost it up or down. The date and time can be toggled on and off, as well as set to the correct date and time. Don’t alter any other settings in programming mode. For instance, the anti-oxidizer Hydrogen 9P already has continuous-cleaning, so don’t turn on the “Auto-Cleaning” setting. What that would do is make your machine confused. Leave that button “OFF”.

2 reviews for The Under the Sink Fountain of Health Negative Ion Water Purification System

  1. Danny Gamil

    Great machine for a great price and great customer service, This company came highly recommended from a friend , I live in Brooklyn asked the owner for samples and he let me try it for free before I bought anything! This water taste amazing and is Alkaline and and is cleaned thru filtration, The Hydrogen in the water helps me focus and I feel energized and refreshed after drinking it and helps with my recovery after my work outs. My baby daughter had some rashes on her face and the owner recommended using the Acidic water on her face to my amazement her face was almost fully clear in 20 minutes ! Just amazing! Looking forward to learning all the things I can use this water for! My friend has a Kangen and he’s thinking of switching because this water tastes so much better. Highly recommend the shower filter too its amazing!

  2. M Franco

    The results my family and I have experienced drinking Alakline water through this product is nothing short of mindblowing. Allergy relief cleared up skin conditions and better focusing are some of the incredible benefits we gained. Moshe is always there to help navigate through the process and is there every step fp the way. This is an investment that yields tremendous dividends.

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