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All our Machines are certified Medical devicesIntroducing The Labwater Rx Extreme Anti-Oxidizer and Sanitizer NEGATIVE ION HYDROGEN Water Machine

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Our Machine have more Certifications than any other Company!

All our Machines are certified Medical devicesYou will save so much money with this Machine! Never pay for Drinking water, Skin care, Eye care, Cleaning Products, Disinfectants and Sanitizers ever again!! Yes this Machine does all that and More!!  Extreme Antioxidizer User Manual click to view!

This machine is made up of two fully working water cells with a total of 12 plates coated with platinum. This machine is exceptionally built and it would be impossible with multiple plates crammed into a single water cell. The enhanced output predicted from so many plates would be insignificant. 

However, with two complete water cells running in tandem, the answer to how it is built is the reason it’s the best residential NEGATIVE ION HYDROGEN water machine of all time and was finally revealed. It’s like getting two Negative Ion Hydrogen water machines for the price of one… but better! 

The use of 12 plates in a single water cell is exceedingly inefficient. But with the Extreme Anti-Oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen water machines, two separate water cells are added next to each other and timed to do their jobs. This set-up is better than any other multiple-plate Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine hypothesis, and I’ve tested it thoroughly and found that it’s also much more powerful than the others.

The Extreme Anti-oxidizer and Sanitizer is a self-cleaning, high-quality Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine that can also produce hypochlorous acid ECA (electrochemically activated) Extremeoxide water at the touch of a button.

No other machine on the planet compares to the Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine’s extreme antioxidant  rich Hydrogen water and sanitizers.

Labwaterrx’s Strongest Extreme Anti-oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine has capabilities that no other Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine can match.

With Labwaterrx’s Extreme Anti Oxidizer and Sanitizer NEGATIVE ION HYDROGEN water machine; whether it’s the cleanest, clearest, healthiest ionized drinking water; or the most powerful natural disinfectant authorized by the CDC and WHO (80x percent to 100x stronger than any Clorox or Bleach), with the Extreme-Sanitizing NEGATIVE ION HYDROGEN water machine, you can get the purest water for sanitizing your spa, a filter that produces the highest molecular hydrogen antioxidant levels even at the lowest pH settings and higher flow rates and the best water cell continuous cleaning ever made. 

The Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine with the most power which makes the highest alkaline and lowest acidic water naturally without using the saline injection function. 

It is one of the most powerful water ionizers. It makes the most alkaline and least acidic water naturally, without using the saline injection function. Cleaning and disinfecting is a breeze with either of these fluids.

Extremeior filtration: It’s the most flexible ionizer in water use in drinking, bathing, cleaning, disinfecting, watering plants, pH-balancing, fighting free radicals, and when used with the saline injection, it produces a potent, natural extra disinfectant called hypochlorous acid and it uses extremely powerful patented filters to thoroughly clean the water. The change was palpable.

The Extreme Antioxidant and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine from LabWATERRX makes the healthiest water in five ways.

The Extreme Anti-oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine is one of the best at making stable ionized antioxidant-rich alkaline ionized water that is great for your health. My tests of ionized water for my consumption level, shows that when the pH of the water delivered is around 10.5, it is well over – 900 ORP (oxidation reduction potential), which means this is the best ionized water for cleaning out the body’s cells and keeping them safe and free of unwanted oxidative damage. It is well known that a virus doesn’t appear to infect healthy cells. 

See the advantages of ionized water for further information on how safe and positive ionized water is for the body.

All the water your drinking is OXIDIZING you!

Hydrogen is Beneficial to every organ

Acidic Beauty-Water: Holes in the skin, such as bruising or loosened pores, allow viruses to enter the body. The skin is an important component of our immune system. Beauty-water (acidic water with a pH of 4-6) is a very effective way to gently tighten skin pores, making it more difficult for germs and viruses to penetrate. It can also help with dark spots on the skin, acne, eczema, and itchy conditions like athlete’s foot or mosquito bites. This water is also beneficial to hair and plants.

 Before & After Using Our LabWater Within 15 Minutes 

ElectroChemically Activated (ECA) Acidic Water: When you use the Extreme-Saline Sanitizer’s Injection feature, you’ll be making water with hypochlorous acid. We call this water ECA, (electro-chemically activated). 

ECA water kills germs and viruses that come into contact with it quickly (in about 10 seconds). It does this by meeting standards for power and effectiveness. It’s a natural germ-killer that’s far more effective than just 2.5 percent acidic water. Depending on how serious you are about eradicating germs and viruses in the area, the option to make ECA water at the push of a button could be vital to you. The Labwaterater Rx Extreme Sanitizing Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine can make up to 250 ppm of hypochlorous acid, which is a lot more than what the FDA or CDC say is safe. The best part is that you can get all of the hypochlorous acid you’ll ever need naturally, with only salt and no other ingredients. [Note: The following guidelines explain how you can adjust the concentrations to fit your demands, such as 100 parts per million, 150 parts per million, 200 parts per million, or even 250 parts per million of hypochlorous acid].

All-natural Extreme-strong alkaline water is an all-natural cleaner (which is proven to be effective in germ-fighting as well). It removes dirt, grime, and grease with ease. I used Extreme-strong alkaline water as a pre-wash to efficiently take blood, chocolate, and other stubborn stains from garments and linens and found it to be more effective than anything else.

Our Extreme-Sanitizing Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine can be built using natural, new, and mild sanitizers and cleaners if you don’t want hypochlorous acid in your sanitizers and cleaners. You are capable of  making low acidic water (approximately 2.5 pH) by combining the strong acidic water environment with no added salt. 2.5 pH water has been shown to be effective against microorganisms.

With Labwaterrx’s Extreme Anti-Oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machines, you can clean your home, business, nursery, clinic, hospital wing, or even your body without using harmful chemicals. In addition, the Extreme Sanitizer System makes water that kills germs and viruses better than chemicals do and surgical tools have also been sterilized using this method.

Cleaning and sterilizing with a natural, non-toxic product is better for the environment. The best natural disinfectants kill bacteria and viruses without hurting the person using them or the environment.

Extreme Anti-oxidant and Sanitizer, a Extremeoxide Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine is a Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine that produces extreme-oxidized water that is strong enough to kill germs and viruses.

EXTREME ANTIOXIDANT AND SANITIZER Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine Features of LABWATER RX:

The best studies for pH and ORP on different Negative Ion Hydrogen water machines include oxidation reduction potential.

The Extreme-Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine was made to make the most powerful ionized water in the world.

The Extreme Anti-oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine is very easy to set up and use. It comes with a diverter so you can connect your sink faucet to it directly. If you want to connect it straight to your cold water line, you’ll need to purchase a special diverter. [Note: This is explained here because the instructions do not say it directly.

You can make both Extreme-strong alkaline (at 11 pH) and Extreme-strong acidic water with the Extreme Anti-Oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen water machines (at least 2.5 pH). Guaranteed!

There are no insecticides to purchase! To create the solution, simply follow the steps below.

The Extreme Anti-oxidizer and Sanitizer uses roughly 350–400 watts of electricity to power its 12 massive plates.

Extreme Anti-Oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine Plates are automatically cleaned on a regular basis! So that your plates don’t build up scale over time, the acidic washes are automatically switched (using a patented, internal switching technology) so that the acidic washes are done last.

The Extreme Anti Oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen water machines have two internal filters that remove ALL microorganisms, including harmful compounds, from the water.

Every day, it will produce enough fresh, Extreme-oxidizing water to help keep your home disinfected without the use of chemicals.

DRINKING WATER:  The Extreme Anti-oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine from Labwaterrx is one of the Strongest Negative Ion Hydrogen water machines I’ve ever seen. 

It has amazing filtration and has the highest ORP and molecular hydrogen levels. It’s simple to use. 

Simply depress the lever to release the ionized water. The cleaning cycle is automatic and goes on all the time, so it takes care of itself in the background.

With the Extreme Anti-Oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen water machines, you can use water from any source that is safe to drink. Simply connect this device to your faucet and follow the installation instructions. The use of salt water in the saline chamber is optional. You may either fill the chamber with distilled water or produce a saline solution (see below for salt preparation procedures) and you’re good to go!

FILTRATION: When ionized water is used every day, only the filters (on the right side of the machine) are used. This prolongs the life of your filters by filtering only when necessary. Labwater Rx’s Extreme Anti Oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen water machines are made with some of the most effective and cutting-edge filtration systems available today. 

The.01 micron filtration also makes the water very healthy and gets rid of all pollutants. Because these filters aren’t needed while creating Extreme-sanitizing water, they’re bypassed, saving you money on filters that would otherwise be squandered. 

No germ, virus, mold, bacteria, or other microbe can survive in Extreme-sanitized water, so there’s no need to waste your filters cleaning water.


To enter the Filter-Reset mode, press and hold the top-left button (the Strong Alkaline button).

To reset the filter, press and hold the top-right button (the alkaline button). 1. To reset the filter, press and hold the middle-right button (Acidic button). 2. Then, on the middle-left, tap the voice button to save the settings.


Place a glass or container under the top alkaline spout.

Place the bottom hose in a container you want to collect the acidic water 

Pull the top-right-hand lever down.

It will automatically dispense alkaline water at the same level as the last time you used it. 

If this is your first time, use the top-right Alkaline button to toggle through the levels until you find the one you desire.

Dual Streams Of Water:

Water with a high antioxidant content and disinfectant properties. Microorganisms are killed on contact by the ionizer’s strong acidic water. Strong acidic water cannot exist without strong alkaline water, and vice versa. During electrolysis, two streams of water are produced. Both bodies of water have advantages.

Drinking ionized hydrogen alkaline water (at lower levels) or washing (at higher levels), sanitizing or constricting the pores with acidic water (at higher levels).

What is the strength of Labware RX’s Extreme Antioxidant and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine:

Filling your spa with ionized water is good for your health, and the Extreme Anti-Oxidizer and Sanitizer will help you keep the pH at the right level. 

When you press the strong acid button (and pour from the left spout), the filters inside the Extreme Anti-Oxidizer and Sanitizer are bypassed. This is significant because such tasks do not deplete your filter life. The machine’s bathing water filters are adequate… Why are they being discarded?

When used on a farm, it is an extremely powerful anti-oxidizer and sanitizer.

You can change the pH of the water in hydroponics to meet your needs.

We believe that Hocl is the best organic, nontoxic, non-corrosive pesticide for plant health (2.5 kills molds and fungi, 12.5 kills bugs), and that it works well. The auto clean feature is fantastic. 

The machine barely warms up and runs for around 3 hours (with cleaning in between) even at maximum power. We also used it to make pH 6 water for the clones, which they seemed to enjoy. 

This machine is the best rebuttal to anyone proposing Kangen water and demanding $6000 for a machine that isn’t as good as this one! Oh, and the 9.5ph water tastes great, which is probably why most people buy the system in the first place. 

On the entire scale, this item is a workhorse! It’s simple to use and provides the highest level of antioxidants available. My father has a Kangen machine, and his machine doesn’t come close to the antioxidant content that ours does and what our machines put out. 

I tested both machines with an ORP meter(Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) or redox is a measurement that indicates how oxidizing liquid is) and our machines put out 3x–5x more ORP. It tastes fantastic with drinking water, and my spouse prefers it to our prior machine. I can acquire water for cleaning and sanitizing with no problems I used to have, and with an even greater pH range than I had.


The CDC says that hypochlorous acid is what makes electrochemically activated (ECA) Extreme-oxidized water work. It’s quite effective and significantly Superior to using chlorine bleach on a daily basis. 

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a disinfecting solution that is 80–200 times more effective than bleach in surface disinfection of bacteria yet is nontoxic to humans according to a study posted in Open Forum Infectious Diseases

(See link below – 1151. A Safer, More Effective Method for Cleaning and Disinfecting GI Endoscopic Procedure Rooms)

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6255518/#: ext=Hypochlorous acid (HOCl)%20is%20a, yet%20is%20not toxic%20to%20humans.

The concentration of sanitizing water can vary depending on the use. For rinsing dishes in a food service company, the solution should be around 100 ppm hypochlorous acid, but it should be around 200 ppm if you’re attempting to kill salmonella. If you’re cleaning surgical tools, the concentration of hypochlorous acid should be 250 ppm (or higher if necessary). If you’re only sanitizing your home, you might want to use considerably lower hypochlorous acid doses (such as 30 to 50 ppm).

Alternatively, you can use distilled water instead of salt water in the port and still get a Extreme oxide germicidal water with a strong-acidic environment of roughly 2.5 pH.

The Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine is strong enough to disinfect all levels of sterilization. With the right concentration of our saline solution,

achieving hypochlorous acid concentrations of 200-250 ppm using our saline solution.

For hypochlorous acid concentrations of less than 200 ppm, use less salt (50 ppm-100 ppm saline solution) or increase the water flow rate.

Adding a little distilled vinegar or citric acid to the solution can help it last longer by increasing the formation of hydrochloric acid.

If you don’t want any hydrochloric acid in your Extreme-oxide acidic water, only use purified water in the saline bin.

Effective saline-injected acidic water is also called extreme-oxidized water, ECA water, or electrochemically activated water. They all refer to the same item. 

Observation: (Note: Extremeoxide water is also called electrochemically activated water or ECA water). According to the CDC, brine water ionization electrochemically activates (ECA) water (a salt-water solution). This ECA solution is extreme-oxidized (kills germs) and contains hypochlorous acid (kills germs twice).

Sanitization in hospitals and clinics: 

The Extreme-Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine provides a new and very user-friendly way to sanitize when using extreme-oxidized water. There are no dangerous pollutants, unlike some other disinfectants.

If you’re a health expert, there are enough studies on extreme-oxidized water that you can look it up or try it yourself in the lab. I’ve included links at the bottom of this page, and you may find more by searching for some of the words used, which is 100% assured. When you look through your microscopes, you’ll see that hypochlorous acid extreme-oxidized water can kill all bacteria and viruses, as this page says.


Our top Korean manufacturer made the Extreme Anti-oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen water machines so that they could make the most non-toxic natural disinfection cleaner (high alkaline) and Extreme-oxidized water cleaner (high alkaline). (acidic water with a low pH) out there today.

You can wipe surfaces down with Extreme-oxidized water, spray it on surfaces, or even use it in your vaporizer to kill viruses in the air.

Labwaterrx’s Extreme Anti-oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine is the only non-commercial Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine that can make several gallons per day of fresh, extreme-oxidized water.

Electrolysis is recognized to be useful in producing Extreme-sanitizing water. 

The CDC and FDA agree that extreme-oxidized water can kill bacteria and viruses and is a “high-level disinfectant.”

The Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine is an extreme ANTIOXIDANT AND SANITIZER that is in a class by itself that is second to none.

Water has two cells!

Two production ports are made of stainless steel (one for drinking water and the other for sanitizing water).

It is the only Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine that cleans the water cells all the time and makes Extreme-strong ECA (electrochemically activated) water.

Before getting into the ionizing chambers, harmful substances, germs, and viruses are taken out by a very modern filtering system.

designed specifically for rough use (i.e., making lots of ECA water).

The Extreme anti-oxidant and disinfectant Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine is the world’s only Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine of its kind!

The Extreme Anti-oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine can be used in homes, offices, restaurants, Extreme markets, food processing companies, clinics, and hospitals.

Even though there are a few other Negative Ion Hydrogen water machines that can make extreme-oxidized water, the Extreme Anti Oxidizer and Sanitizer System is the only one made specifically for this tough use. 

Other water-making machines that use negative ion hydrogens can only produce a much smaller amount of strong alkaline and strong acidic water per day. Certain Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine brands that use saline solution may be harmed, and the warranty may be void. The Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine Extreme-Sanitizer, however, is not one of them.


The CDC has approved extreme-oxidized water for use as a “high-level” disinfectant against bacteria, microbacteria, viruses, fungus, and spores.

In less than two minutes, freshly created hypochlorous acid extreme-oxidized water is successful. It is important to note that hypochlorous acid ECA Extreme oxidizing water must be made on a daily or even hourly basis, otherwise the activated water would be lost. It’s best if used within minutes of making it.


Labwaterrx’s Extreme Anti-oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine for Extreme-Sanitizing is not meant to be used in a business setting or all the time. Although it can theoretically be used all day, constant use may result in overheating. The production of water volume ranges from 1.0 L/min to 2.0 L/min. Standard usage will allow you to pour up to a few gallons of standard ionized water or a few liters of powerful ionized water every half-hour or so (or multiply these values by up to a few thousand to get what usual usage will be over the course of a year). 

For example, if you want to run an Extreme Anti-oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a few gallons per hour, you need to buy two or three units so that the one Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine doesn’t get overworked and burn out.

How to disinfect water that has been extreme-oxidized (best practices):

Strong alkaline water is a great cleanser for any surface. This can be used instead of soap or chemicals, though they can typically be cleaned as well.

  1. Spray or wipe clean surfaces with low acidic water (either ECA water created with salt or low acidic water made without salt—either one will suffice).
  2. Let it air dry or wipe it dry.
  3. Food and small non-electronic tools can be cleaned in heavy alkaline and then sanitized in a bin of hypochlorous acid-extreme-oxidized ECA water for about 10 seconds.


Prepare ahead of time:

Purchase chlorine test strips with a broad enough range to ensure accurate results. Hydrion 0-1000 ppm Chlorine Indicator Strips are what I use.

Set the level of control you want (instructions below). Power-level 2 is selected. It should be set at power level 44 at the minimum.

Pull the left spout forward and place a container underneath it.

To pour extremely acidic water, start with a flow rate of 1.5 liters per minute.

To start the water flow, pull the top-right lever down and instantly double-click the “Strongest Alkaline/Acidic” button (top-left). 

This Extreme-sanitizing acidic water will be sucked out of the top-left spout. Even though the most acidic water comes from the top, alkaline water byproducts can be collected. If you prefer a grey hose from head to toe, it’s great alkaline water for washing grease and grime off of items.

Wait until the first cup is poured to test it for levels of chlorine.

Making Modifications:

It’s worth noting that being heavy isn’t always easier. Depending on what you sterilize, you may only need 50–100 ppm of HOCL (hypochlorous acid). 

To set your levels:

Accelerate or slow the movement of water.

Dilute or reinforce saline solution concentrations by lowering or increasing the base’s power level.

The final step is to flush the sodium out of the water cell.

Finally, after cutting off the water supply, you must – Pull the on/off lever down one more time and press the strong acidic button to start a specific cleaning cycle and flush the machine. This is a safety feature incorporated into the machine. It takes 30 seconds to wash sodium out of the water cell.

After step 1, pull the lever down again to clean the other side of the water cell.

Your Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine will last longer if you follow this last rinse routine. If you remember to flush it after making Extreme-Sanitizing water, your Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine can last for at least 20 years. If you ignore this maneuver for too long, it will only last for 5 years. If you forgot something, the next time you go to get alkaline water to drink, the wash flush would already be done. If you see this happening frequently, you should practice flushing the machine after each use of Extreme-sanitizing water.

Using our saline solution:

By using our saline solution, you can be sure to get the right concentration of hypochlorous acid. Another option is to use acidic water instead of water to make any of these solutions. You don’t need to add the saline solution unless you want hypochlorous acid in your acidic water.

If you boil the solution, let it cool down before throwing it away. This is an optional way to add more sodium to the solution after you take it off the heat. When the solution is cold, dump it into the trashcan.

You can add citric acid or distilled vinegar to either of these solutions if you want to. This will act as a preservative and may help to increase the saline content.

Options for Programming:

Labwaterrx’s Extreme Anti-oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen water machine is already set up for water quality in the middle range. If you want to increase or decrease the strength of ionization beyond what you can achieve by selecting levels on the computer, you can program the “base” power level. 

Here’s how to Program the strength settings:

Push/hold the “Mode” button and the “Strongest Alkaline/Acidic” button (bottom-left) at the same time (top-left).

A screen will emerge with the words “Base” and a number on it.

Use the “Alkaline” button (top-right) as an up-arrow or the “Acidic” button (middle-right) as a down-arrow to get to the stage you want.

Press the ‘Voice’ button to save the programming, and you’re done.

Negative Ion Hydrogen Water Machine WARRANTY INFORMATION FOR LABWATERRX’S Extreme Anti-oxidizer and Sanitizer:

As we’ll talk about below, Labwaterrx’s Extreme Anti-oxidizer and Sanitizer Negative Ion Hydrogen water machines come with a warranty that lasts for 10 years. Save your bill as proof that this warranty gives you the right to a repair or update.

About the Labware RX Warranty: 

Any problem that happens on its own during the first five years is covered by the warranty. This means that all parts and labor are replaced for free. Spontaneous-malfunction means that the problem wasn’t caused by user error, not using the right pre filter, water source damage, or anything else that wasn’t planned. The client, the shipping industry, or the environment, caused the harm. It just happened, and neither the customer nor the environment bear any responsibility.

After five years,  If the problem is not due to user error, you are covered for 10 years with our  labor warranty. 

This not only necessitates free labor, but it also implies that the cost of parts (if any) will be limited to the cost of the parts. 

Extreme Anti-Oxidizer and Sanitizer should not be used for commercial or industrial use (i.e., use that never stops). For more information, please see the section above called “Not for Industrial or Commercial Use.”

For warranty services, the client is responsible for both ways’ delivery.

For inquiries and questions, email us at labwaterrx@gmail.com.

Additional information

Weight 19.5 kg
Dimensions 14.2 × 7.3 × 17.2 cm

5 reviews for Extreme Anti-Oxidizer and Sanitizer NEGATIVE ION ALKALINE HYDROGEN Water Purification System! This a 2in1 Machine It makes Hydrogen water and It Makes HYPOCHLOROUS ACID! THE WORLDS STRONGEST ORGANIC SANITIZER Most RECCOMENDED by the CDC AND WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION FOR KILLING ALL BACTERIA AND COVID 19!!!

  1. Malka Tomsky


    Try it Believe it you will see it…My name is Malka I am not a huge believer in miracles but personally after watching this water work for my sister who got extremely ill after surgery and this water helped her I was wondering myself. I have epilepsy, gastroparisis(it causes slow painful digestion) and a mood disorder. In my life I have had surgery and tried every medication and it kept me stable but nothing really was better. After hearing about it I got curious and my mother brought to jugs to start to my apartment. I am very skeptical I thought it may have been a one time thing no big deal but the pain I felt when I ate slowly disappeared and that helped me get into better eating patterns it’s been four years since I used anything else or went to a doctor with stomach pain and it also helped before my wedding it took three days of using the water for my pimples to disappear. In addition to that my seizures have been a lot better with the help of the water, proper medication and my vns placement in 2016. I will be honest not everyone will believe it but this water for me and my family was life changing.I would recommend it to anyone who asked!

  2. Chaim S

    I bought the The Extreme Anti oxidize that makes hydrogen water and hypochlorous acid , I have never felt so energized and alert, My stomach problems are a thing of the past! My skin is glowing !, The best part I don’t have to spend money on Cancerous Bottled water! or cleaning products, sanitizers and disinfectants! Thanks to the hypochlorous acid I mean it smells like chlorine and is the strongest Organic Sanitizer on the Planet! I wash my face with it soak my meat vegetables and feet for foot fungus ! NOW THAT COVID 19 IS BACK I WILL BE PUTTING THIS WATER IN A HUMIDIFER TO KILL THE VIRUS IN MY HOME AND OFFICE! BIG MACHINE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ROOM SOMEWHERE FOR IT.

  3. Dr. Avi Weinberger

    As a chiropractor I have my patients drink hydrogenized water after every treatment.
    This helps reduce inflammation in the body and promotes quicker recovery. I really enjoy my machine for my patients and my family.
    The people at labeaterrx are knowledgeable and provide a great product. Hope you all get one of your own and start enjoying the benefits the product provides.

  4. Carline P.

    Life changing! 💧 💧 💧 water 💧
    My name is Carline
    I had to come leave a review because I have been looking for the perfect wafer for years. I have a bad situation with my son; he has a keedney transplant, which also leads to blood pressure debilitating migraines and headaches. So, doctors said I had to give him good water, but at that time I didn’t know better. I bought essential water every month. I spent 100 dollars on essential water, but my son still had constipation blood pressure, and so and so . One day, I explained that to Ana Thomsky. And she introduced me to that water, and Moshe, he supported me by giving me the water for free to see how I feel. After drinking that water, I felt better. and I decided to buy the machine. I love it. I use it for my skin and vegetables. There are a lot of changes in my health . I strongly supported it. ordered that machine you want regrette specialy for people who have cronique disease and this was the clear winner. doesn’t have blood pressure, and my son sugar is stable ; it’s perfectly a life saver. with this . On top of that, it supports your health wellness. I don’t wake up with pain anymore, and my headaches and migraines are few and far between. Worth it! Who would have thought a 💧 machine could be so life changing?

  5. Ofra Z.

    Where should I start? This machine came highly recommend from a friend of mine who can’t stop talking about all the amazing things this machine does, So I decided to try it and see for myself as they have a 60 day money back guarantee. This water is amazing taste delicious and gives my energy and lowered my husband’s diabetes in a month ! My skin is moisturized from the inside out My skin is glowing and elastic and my stomach problems are no more! The hypochlorous acid removed my sun spots from my face and I Sanitize my house with it and helps with the fungus on my toes! The High Alkaline with the sodium is better than a pedicure Mouisterizers so well and helps with the pain on my feet! It also takes out the pesticides from my fruits and vegetables making them Organic, Its also great for burns and mosquito bits and its a great degreaser! Who would’ve thought that water could do all that ! It replaces so many products an chemical I used to use ! This water does it organically and better! Besides the health benefits of drinking hydrogen water! So glad I took a chance on this machine , I took the financing option and will pay it off in a year, Customer service is rop notch and guided me on the many uses a few times a day untill I got the hang of it! Would highly recommend this machine because it does so much and saves me so much money ! No regrets.

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