EOVITA the Ultimate Shower Spa filter ! KDF, ISO, and NSF Certified! Your skin never felt so good! (Copy)

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Vita Cline Vita Shower

  • Residual chlorine and rust removal
  • Remove lead and cadmium mercury
  • Vitamin mixture supply to Skin
  • Water pressure rise up to max power
  • Large spray plate of high-grade stainless steel power                                             Helps with Skin Irritation and Moisturizes



Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF-55) Water Filters.                                

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) is a high-purity copper-zinc formulation that uses a

basic chemical process known as redox (oxidation/reduction) to remove chlorine, lead,

mercury, iron, and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies. The process also has a mild a

nti-bacterial, algaecitic, and fungicitic, effect and may reduce the accumulation of lime


KDF process media is used in pre-treatment and primary treatment applications to supplement or replace existing technologies in

order to extend system life and to reduce heavy metal contamination, chlorine and hydrogen sulfide.

It is often combined with other technologies to achieve superior overall results. Because of its effectiveness at higher water temper

atures, it is often used on shower water filtration systems to remove chlorine and other contaminanats.

The technology was developed by KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc. in the mid 1980s and was patented in 1987. KDF filter media meets E

PA and Food and Drug Administration standards for levels of zinc and copper in potable water, and is certified by NSF internationa

l to its Standard 61 for drinking water.

How it Works

In short, the KDF redox process works by exchanging electrons with contaminants. This “giv

e and take” of electrons converts many contaminants into harmless components. During this

reaction, electrons are transferred between molecules, and new compounds are created.

Some harmful contaminants are changed into harmless components. Free chlorine, for instan

ce, is changed into Benign, water-soluble chloride salt, which is then carried harmlessly thro

ugh the water supply. Many heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury and others, react an

d bond with the KDF medium’s surface, thus being effectively removed from the water supply

ABOUT KDF CARTRIDGE What Contaminants does KDF remove? KDF process media will reduce or remove chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, magnesium, and chromium, and may inhibit the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi. Redox media remove up to 98% of water-soluble cations (positively-charged ions) of lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals. While removal rates depend on a number of factors, more than 98% of chlorine is removed by KDF in home water treatment systems (90% in shower water filters due to high flow rate). LabwaterRx- EOVITA + ACF (Activated Carbon Filter) sediment antibiotic filter Three-stage filter Sediment + KDF55 + Sediment Heavy metals removal KDF 55 can remove up to 98% of water-soluble cations (positively-charged ions) of lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals. When filtered through KDF media, soluble lead cations are reduced to insoluble lead atoms, which are electroplated onto the surface of the media. Other heavy metals bond to the media and may be recovered when the exhausted media pass through a copper smelter.

Chemical principles for the removal of chlorine from vitamin C

What is chlorine (Cl2)?

The most basic element of Chlorine (CI) is Chlorine Gas (Cl2). In the water treatment plant, Chlorine (CI) is added at the last

stage of the water filtration process to prevent water contamination in the water pipe from the water treatment plant to the

home. Chlorine (CI) is also the main component of the bleaching agent and has excellent sterilizing power and was first

used in Belgium’s water treatment plant in 1902. Since then, it has been adopted globally and has proven its performance

with cost-effective sterilization to date. However, in recent years, toxic substances (carcinogens) called trihalomethane

(THM) have been detected in residual chlorine in tap water and are seeking alternatives to chlorine.

Please refer to the chlorine reaction formula of tap water below.

Cl2 + H2O → HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) + H+ + Cl

How to check residual chlorine

Tap water and vitamin soap water in separate cups. Add a few drops of orthotolidine (CH3C6H3NH2) reagent to each cup.

Water containing residual chlorine turns yellow.

Chemical principles for the removal of chlorine from vitamin C

The formula which demonstrate that Vitamin C removes residual chlorine in tap water

H2O(water) + Cl2(Chlorine) → HOCl + H+ + Cl: Chlorine chemical formula in tap water

Chlorine reacts with water and is separated into hypochlorous acid (HOCl), hydrogen ion and chlorine ion, and hypochlorous

acid (HOCl) has germicidal power.

C6H8O6(Vitamin-C) + HOCl(hypochlorous acid) → C6H6O6-H2O+HCl

When vitamin C reacts with hypochlorous acid (HOCI), the oxygen molecule of hypochlorous acid binds to vitamin C. At this

time, hypochlorous acid is changed to HCI.

Structure principle for removing chlorine from vitamin C

1. When you open the faucet lever attached to the sink, the water flows into the shower handle. At the same time, water and

pressure are delivered to the vitamin filter.

2. The pressure in the shower handle connected to the vitamin filter becomes equal to the pressure in the vitamin filter.

3. When the pressures on the vitamin filter and shower handle is the same, the vitamins dissolved in the vitamin filter will

come out through the shower handle.

4. One hole of the vitamin filter gets water, and vitamin comes out of the same hole.

5. When opening and closing the faucet lever, the principle of 1 to 4 is repeated.

Our shower heads are made with Top quality materials and are made in South Korea not cheap made in China ! The only shower head that is NSF KDF AND ISO Certified and tested! Rest assured you are getting a premium product!



4 reviews for EOVITA the Ultimate Shower Spa filter ! KDF, ISO, and NSF Certified! Your skin never felt so good! (Copy)

  1. Sean S.

    This Showe Head is the best shower head I ever tried much better than the cheap ones made in China! We live in California and the water is is hard! This filter removed the hardness in our water and takes out the Chlorine and infuses with vitamin C for maximium moisturization! and I forgot to mention the water pressure is so much better! ! No more itchy Skin after showers my body feels so moist and my hair is soft and glowing ! I am one happy Customer and am glad I took a chance with this company !

  2. Yariv kadoch

    Received our shower head a few weeks ago. We absolutely love it. My kids were showering in our bathroom so we ended up getting there own. You saved my wife’s hair and the smell is addictive I love how the water texture is now. Thank you thank you.

  3. Ofra Z.

    This is the second product I purchased from this Company . This Shower head is the best shower head I have ever used ! The quality of the shower head is top notch, The pressure is amazing ! My skin is so moisturized and my hair is so soft after a shower ! No more itching after showering and I can tell there is a reduction in the hardness of the water! Great product would definitely recommend!

  4. Danny Gamil

    This is the best shower head I have ever used! My kids love it too, no more itching for them after a shower! Taking a shower is a whole new experience now!

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