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Hello, my name is Moses, and I founded LabwaterRX.com.

I’ve had depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, been overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol my whole life.

Our story begins with my father buying an alkaline hydrogen machine about 5 years ago. He would call me up and tell me that he had the healthiest water in the world. He told me it’s alkaline.

So I googled alkaline water and I saw that alkaline has health benefits, but nothing major. So I just let it pass because I didn’t think it was worth anything.

Boy, was that a mistake! 

Fast forward, 3 years later: My fiance, Ana, has an autistic non-verbal daughter named Shira, who started having grand mal seizures. Shira needed surgery to put a Vagus Nerve Stimulator next to her heart and Vagus nerve in her neck that sends electrical impulses by the nerve to brain to try and stop the seizures. 

After the surgery, Shira became very ill. Projectile vomiting everything she ate and drank and couldn’t hold any food,her meds, or liquid down. Her only nourishment was through intravenous. Until today, we still don’t know the reason why this was happening. 

Ana had to stay in the hospital with Shira for a month because of her autism and not being able to hold anything down. My father started calling me and saying that I should give her the water. Just insisting on it. He doesn’t know how to explain what the benefits of the water truly are and how it will help Shira. 

So feeling completely defeated, I took a leap of Faith and begged Ana to get Shira out of the hospital because the doctors were telling her they had no idea what was wrong, and at this point, there was nothing else they could do. 

Ana was on the verge of a breakdown.  She has other children to care for with health and special needs, was missing work and was spending everyday and night there. I told her to take Shira out of the hospital for the weekend and we’d get the water for her. 

I said, what’s the worst case scenario, that we have to bring her back to the hospital? She agreed with me. 

So we went to my father’s house where he has his unit set up  and filled up two gallon jugs of water. 

Shira came to my house for the weekend and as soon as she walked in, we sat her down on the couch and gave her a glass of water. 

Something happened! She held the glass of water down !

Ana started crying in disbelief, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. We had just witnessed a miracle! We waited another half hour and gave her another glass of water. She held that glass down too.

She was pale when she came into the house and by this point, the color started coming back to her face. 

She then stood up and walked to the table and began eating as if she had never seen food before. She ate an entire bowl of  salad and a whole small chicken. She even took the bowl and drank up all the juices from that salad bowl. 

So now Ana would go and get this water from my father everyday and Shira hasn’t had an episode since we started giving her the water. 

The doctors were shocked and in disbelief. They truly couldn’t believe it! They didn’t understand it! They said it was a miracle. 

So now, of course, I started really doing my due diligence on what is really in this water and what are these machines that produce this water all about. 

I found out that one of the main health benefits is the dissolved molecular hydrogen that is rich in antioxidants that penetrate the cellular barrier, not so much the alkaline that Dad was trying to explain to me. 

I did a few more months of research and found the best machine for much less than what my father had paid. The machine I chose is also considered a medical device. 

I saw Companies that were charging $4000 to $6000 for a similar machine that I wanted, and my father had bought a five-plated machine for $5,000. 

So I decided to get the Hydrogen Negative Ion Machine, the 9-plated machine and I started drinking the antioxidant-rich hydrogen water. I also found out this Company also had a great payment plan and was less than I was paying for bottled water per month.

As I said in my opening, I’m a person that has health issues. I started drinking this water and from the minute I started drinking this water, my health started to improve in ways I couldn’t fathom. 

Besides it being the best tasting water (filtered and clean with award-winning filtration) I ever drank, it’s also the most antioxidant beverage on the planet. This is because antioxidants detox and cleanse your organs (from oxidative stress) from all the free radicals that cause your organs to not work properly. This is attacking the problem at its source and not just treating the symptoms like modern medicines tend to do. 

All my organs started working at optimal levels, not to mention the money I was saving by not buying bottled cancerous water! I felt energized and clear-headed right away, and the acid reflux from my lap band had ceased. My chronic stomach problems were gone in 5 days. 

In a week and a half, it lowered my diabetes, my blood pressure, and my cholesterol. 

After 2 months, people started commenting on my skin that it was literally glowing and I noticed I did not need to moisturize my skin because molecular hydrogen hydrates you on a cellular level. Proper hydration is something you’ll notice on your skin. 

Hence, the term “fountain of youth” is often used to describe antioxidant-rich hydrogen water (this is my story and how I was affected; your results may vary). 

So I opened my home to anyone who wanted water and gave free water to anyone who was interested, with great success and results. I knew I was onto something big and immediately started to share the hydrogen antioxidant rich water, helping as many people as I could and seeing amazing results. 

Then I found out about the many benefits of acidic water and what this machine does. 

For example, your skin’s PH is 5.5. Acidic water is good for your skin and will get rid of pimples, rashes, and itching if you wash your skin and face with it. The machine also emits highly acidic water. They’ve thrived in pH ranges ranging from 5.5 to 6.5. The machine also puts out strong acidic water at ph 2.5, which is a known SANITIZER and kills viruses and bacteria such as E. coli, mold, and fungus. 

Imagine you can treat your home with this too !!!

I started soaking all my fruits, vegetables, and meat in a bowl of this water, and you wouldn’t believe how dirty the water got. It cleaned all my fruits and vegetables of all the pesticides, herbicides, and cancer-causing chemicals and made them organic. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when everyone was looking for hand sanitizer, I had it at the press of a button. 

Now after 2 years, I’ve lost over 40 pounds and have my life back! I have never felt more awake, energized, and focused in my life than when I drank this water. 

I had severe nail fungus on my toes, so I started soaking my feet in strong acidic water for 15 min and then in high alkaline for 15 min, and my fungus is relatively gone! I could not believe all the things this water does. Besides drinking it, I found myself constantly using the machine in so many different ways. 

That was how I thought of creating Labwater Rx.com and because of all the proof this machine has given to me and my family and with you now hearing my testimony, I turned this into a Company so I can help others just like you and your families by getting your own hydrogen machine that is affordable and less expensive than the big named Companies. 

The reason I got into this business is to help people feel better and get their lives back, just like I got my life back and Shira got her life back. 

My whole life, I’ve been doing financial services and helping people with their insurance trust needs and all their financial needs because I love to help others. 

I would never do anything that I don’t believe in 1000%. Our mission is to help people feel good again and live their best lives.

 If you look at the research, molecular hydrogen can help with most ailments and can ease your pain. We have found the best ionizers with certified Japanese Titanium Platinum plates and our machines are certified medical devices in their country of origin (it’s very common for doctors in Asia to treat their patients with dissolved hydrogen water and gas), and we sell them at great prices so you and your family can reap the benefits my family and I are doing daily. 

I hope that you’ll have an opportunity to try this hydrogen water and feel its effects. It will be a blessing in your life, like it’s been in mine and so many other people that I’ve helped. 

Getting your health back and caring for your family is PRICELESS. 

And because we want you and your family to benefit like us, please upload a document showing you or someone in your family has a chronic illness, disease, has a child with autism or you’re over the age 65 we want to give a 5% discount on selected Ionizers. 

God Bless You and I’m truly looking forward to helping you and your family to have the best of health! 


Some of the Health Benefits of Hydrogen water

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